Breaking News: Allen Iverson Will Not Return To Sixers Says Team Source

As most people assumed Allen Iverson won’t be returning to the Philadelphia 76ers and you just have to wonder if this is truly the end for A.I.

He lasted only three games with the Grizzlies and just over a month with the Sixers. It is hard to see any team picking him up this late in the season with all the headaches that come along with such an acquisition. has more on the story:

Allen Iverson will not return to the 76ers this season, this confirmed by a source close to the team. An official update is expected from the Sixers sometime soon, likely within the next two days. Since Iverson took his second leave on Feb. 20, again for personal reasons, it has been assumed that Iverson was not likely to return to the team. Those assumptions are now confirmed.

I don’t think Iverson’s trip to Charlotte over the weekend had anything to do with the decision.  I am pretty sure the Sixers had no plans on bringing A.I. back regardless if he was popping bottles with Jermaine Dupri or not.

With that being said still a sad way to end a career if this is truly to the end.  Iverson never seem to be able to accept that secondary role on a team which I really think he could have thrived at.

In some ways he reminds me of Ladainian Tomlinson.  When you have been the Alpha Dog for so long you can’t see yourself as anything else and a lot of times that is what cuts your career short.

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