Settlement Coming In Ben Roethlisberger Case? Accuser Not Talking To Police


No one should really be surprised by this, but Ben Roethlisberger accuser has refused to be re-interviewed by the police.

KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh has a lot of information that the case is about to collapse here are the details:

First – the revelation that investigators apparently don’t have key physical evidence of a crime.

Now the KDKA Investigators have learned that they could be running into an even bigger roadblock.

Just yesterday, KDKA learned that investigators were no longer requesting DNA from Roethlisberger.

Tonight, KDKA’s Andy Sheehan reports that the alleged victim in the case has declined to be re-interviewed by police.
Not only do prosecutors apparently not have any physical evidence of a crime, they may also be lacking a cooperating victim at this point.

Sources close to the investigation say that investigators have had trouble re-interviewing the woman since the night of the incident.

Sources say the 20-year-old co-ed did not show up for a scheduled interview a week ago yesterday and that as of Friday she still had not come in to be questioned.
Without the accuser’s cooperation the case is done. Add on they don’t seem to have any physical evidence this could be a done deal and I am sure the accuser will be financially taken care of for her “non cooperation” with the authorities.

The case is collapsing and it appears Roethlisberger may have dodge a serious bullet.  Now how he did that, we will see in the coming days and weeks.


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