Settlement Coming In Ben Roethlisberger Case? Accuser Not Talking To Police

No one should really be surprised by this, but Ben Roethlisberger accuser has refused to be re-interviewed by the police.

KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh has a lot of information that the case is about to collapse here are the details:

First – the revelation that investigators apparently don’t have key physical evidence of a crime.

Now the KDKA Investigators have learned that they could be running into an even bigger roadblock.

Just yesterday, KDKA learned that investigators were no longer requesting DNA from Roethlisberger.

Tonight, KDKA’s Andy Sheehan reports that the alleged victim in the case has declined to be re-interviewed by police.
Not only do prosecutors apparently not have any physical evidence of a crime, they may also be lacking a cooperating victim at this point.

Sources close to the investigation say that investigators have had trouble re-interviewing the woman since the night of the incident.

Sources say the 20-year-old co-ed did not show up for a scheduled interview a week ago yesterday and that as of Friday she still had not come in to be questioned.
Without the accuser’s cooperation the case is done. Add on they don’t seem to have any physical evidence this could be a done deal and I am sure the accuser will be financially taken care of for her “non cooperation” with the authorities.

The case is collapsing and it appears Roethlisberger may have dodge a serious bullet.  Now how he did that, we will see in the coming days and weeks.

6 thoughts on “Settlement Coming In Ben Roethlisberger Case? Accuser Not Talking To Police

  • Okay say he settled this case how come he didn't do that with the other one that's still hanging?

    Think about it.

    Could I believe that she accepted a settlement? Perhaps but it would've been leaked to TMZ by now.

    If anything her story isn't all that credible and she didn't want to commit perjury down the line.

    • That is true. Like I was saying on Twitter if it comes out she was 100% lying everyone who accused Ben should apologize and there should be no punishment by the NFL. But if she has been given hush money he has to be suspended

  • SMH @ the things jumpoffs do for attention

  • I do not know how you can charge a person with a crime whne there is no DNA. In this day and time, DNA is a big part of these cases because a person life is on the line. In the past, plenty of man were convicted because someone stated that the person attack them and took advantage of them. But DNA has freed plenty of people; therefore, if you do not have any DNA where is the crime.

    I know some women have stated that he could have touched her, but my point is she went in the restroom with him. Now what they went back there to do only those two and God knows, but let us say that she went back there to do something with Ben, and change her mind. OK Ben let her go, why does she have the right to press charges? It seems that we need to apply a rule that say if you went in a room with a man there is reasonable doubt.

    I know some will say she was drunk, but what kind of friends do you have that let you go with a complete stranger. I have never seen people let there drunk friend warn off. If she was that drunk, why did her friend remove her from the club early?

    I would love from them to have a copy of the tape because we can establish a time line which is very important. I would like to see what time did she left the club and what time she showed up to the police station. Since this is a same town, the police station is less than 1/10 of a mile away from the club.

  • Another Gold Digging Whore……..Ben please find a girlfriend……These hookers will keep coming after you, they don't want to work……She only was in college to find a man to take care of her….She thought she hit the lottery…..Hair design school it is…………….

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