DUI For Athletes? Yak Yak Take That Contract Back by Miss Marti Ball

That is exactly what the professional sports leagues should do to their players when they get DUIs; Harsh some people might say, that’s my point. Drunk driving is a charge that is 100% avoidable.

My suggested punishment is as ridiculous as the charge itself. Take the newest athlete to be charged for example, Timberwolves center Al Jefferson, suspended by the team w/o pay for two games. I’m sure whatever that salary loss amounts to is a lot less than hiring a driver for a few hours or at the risk of sounding far fetched a taxi! He could even enroll in SafetyRide, a program that will confidentially dispatch off duty and retired law enforcement personnel to drive you home, for $100 annually.

I won’t get into the list of bad things that can happen when we drive impaired. We’ve been hearing it since most of us were children. I also know how treacherous a pair of 4 inch heels can be after one too many shots of tequila I can only imagine a 2000 pound mass of steel and glass.

I’m sure will some say; he wasn’t impaired, just over the legal limit. While I agree that a one size fits all breathalyzer test isn’t fair because all bodies’ burn alcohol at different rates, the law is the law.

People will say I’m crazy for suggesting their contracts be voided, but if they get paralyzed or killed in an accident they wouldn’t be able to play anyway. I think harsh punishment is exactly the course of action needed to curtail this stupid and dangerous behavior

4 thoughts on “DUI For Athletes? Yak Yak Take That Contract Back by Miss Marti Ball

  • I don't agree with that. If you get a DUI should you lose your job?

  • Great blessings come with great responsibilities – this player had all the opportunity in the world to put safety and responsibility first, but he chose not to. I agree with the author and commend her for taking a stance against irresponsibility.

  • People make mistakes. If they are repeat offenders that is something different

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