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Ex-NBA Winston Bennett: “I Gave My Wife 2 STDs, but If She Cheats I am Leaving”

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, March 15th, 2010
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I didn’t want to write about this, but I have gotten so many emails, tweets, BBMs and texts about it I decided to speak on it.

I am warning you though if you are sensitive I suggest you don’t read the rest about what I am about to say.

ESPN did an Outside the Lines on Former NBA Player Winston Bennett.

You are asking yourself right now:

“Who in the blue hell is Winston Bennett?”

He is just one of many former NBA players who was a bench warmer for a few years and then faded away from memory.  The reason he was being spotlighted was because of his sexual exploits.  People think that Tiger Woods’ having a dozen or so women is unusual listen to Bennett’s story.  Thanks to Sports by Brooks for transcribing:

Bennett said of his uncontrollable sexual compulsion:

“Three or four women in one day was typical for me. It was like a drug. I had to have more.”

That’s different women in one day.

Bennett later confirmed in the interview that before he was married, he did indeed have sex with upwards of 90 different women per month. After he got married, Bennett said the number of women per month was “half” his previous pace.

Though Bennett said he was faithful to his wife Peggy for “exactly one day,” the two are still somehow together after 20 years. Even after Bennett admitted “dozens” of affairs to her and gave her two sexually-transmitted diseases. (Bennett said he “never” wore a condom.)

But it’s far from a happy ending. Bennett at the end of the interview inexplicably said he’d leave his wife if she cheated on him once.

Peggy Bennett’s reaction: “Does that hurt me as a woman who has shown so much grace and forgiveness? Yes. Absolutely.”

You might not like this, but Mrs. Bennett deserves everything she gets.  You have to have some serious self esteem issues to stay with a man who readily admits he has been faithful for one day of your marriage.

You have to be a plum fool to stay with someone who readily admits he never uses a condom.

You have to have mental problems to stay with someone who gave you a STD not once but twice.

You have to be an idiot to be with a man who admits he cheats on your daily, but if you cheated on him once he would leave you and your kids.

Now of course Bennett has claimed for the last three years not to have cheated and I am telling you he is lying.  I don’t speak in absolutes but I am 99% sure he isn’t telling the truth.

Bennett isn’t a man he is punk, bully and not very bright to potentially kill himself and his wife by having sex without a condom with random nohos.

He has to have self esteem issues himself to treat the mother of his children so reckless.  I mean for goodness sake if you are going to cheat at least use a condom do you want your kids to grow up without a father and mother.  How selfish can you be?

I mean this dude got fired from the Celtics for having sex with a woman at the team’s practice facility.

I have a daughter if she would ever marry some scum like Bennett I would be in jail and he wouldn’t be living and that is a 100% guarantee.

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  1. @SRA_Nick says:

    RT : BSO Blog Post: Ex-NBA Winston Bennett: "I Gave My Wife 2 STDs, but If She Cheats I am Leaving" http://bit.ly/cpD5Ng

  2. had to read it to believe it. Either she's stuck on the nba label or she's suffering from the "annie mae bullock" syndrome

  3. because men view cheating completely dif them women. 4 men:usually physical. 4 women: usually emotional

  4. Gelatrish says:

    If I was that wife I would be in jail and he would be 6 feet under. *SMH*

  5. CF98 says:

    I'm going to have to agree I don't feel bad for her either and I'm a woman. She had many reasons to leave and she chose to stay again her choice but its one she has to live with.

    Can't really feel bad for her

  6. youngbrothas says:

    That is sad on so many levels

  7. Diondrea says:

    Disgusting! I don’t feel one iota of sympathy or empathy for the wife either. I hope he saved his pennies and nickels and that the money is worth it to her.

  8. billy says:

    for the captain save a h*es type out there
    if she chooses to stay and knows the game then who am I to judge?
    let people be

  9. Lisa B says:

    Selfish of Bennett? What kind of mother would keep having sex with someone with the knowledge they are not using condoms and they have children? I believe both people involved has serious issues. Bennett is using "uncontrollable sexual compulsion" as an excuse to get away with being a male whore. Can a woman use that term and get away with it? In the end yes Bennett is scum because he is cheating and won't use protection but his wife is not much better because she knows about it and she is willing to take the chance of getting something that could take her away from her kids but she is so wraped up in him she doesn't care. No, I don't blame Bennett for any STD's or anything else she get because she has a voice to say NO I won't take this anymore.

  10. @sing1412 says:

    This is horrible! Not only is that physical abuse but mental as well. That’s why he was a benchwarmer because all of his energy was used for something else! She needs help more than anything because she has allowed him to continue this behavior as he boasts. No one would want her now anyway since they know she may potentially have STD. This is sad and who I feel sorry for are the children.

  11. Heath B says:

    This is sick and wrong…but if she stands for it after all this time then I think they deserve one another! Nasty Dog!

  12. Aaron says:

    I’m sorry I feel really terrible about the way that woman was treated. In my opinion, you must have a mental disability to be o.k. with your spouse sleeping with 180 different women in 2 MONTHS?!!??!! And if I feel sorry for someone with autisim or any other mental difencencies I must feel sorry for her too. You have to be crazy to let a person give you 2 STD’s cheats on you more than he eats (at least in his hey day) and you can’t get your cooch cooch tickled once.

  13. The Great says:

    To all you ignorant people who apparently have no knowledge that people have struggles day to day…WAKE UP…I know Winston and his family, he is a great guy, wife is a heck of a woman. And the wife has been a FAITHFUL church goer and believer in her maker so if you know the BIBLE, you will never question why she stayed…she did the same thing all your grandmothers and great grandmothers were doing, did you forget women used to stick by there man through WHATEVER…society is DIVORCE happy, which is why so many are surprised…

  14. skeptical at best says:

    I'm sorry. The minute you put my health in jeopardy, you have to go. God would have to understand. And giving your wife two STDs doesn't seem to meet the criteria of a "great guy". Am I missing something???

  15. A.C says:

    If Winston Bennett is a punk, than what is Magic Johnson? Anyway, It's really stupid to not use condoms but before we bash the guy read up on the history of ancient man. Men had many wives and woman revolving around him. Nothing for nothing, Bennett's wife is probably stuck on some old school traditional values stuff. Even D-Wade's wife was out after the first STD.

    • Magic wasn't married at the time..So Magic was just dumb and irresponsible. Now Bennett was irresponsible, dumb and a punk. Plus it is very disrespectful to your family to give your wife two STDs and then on top of that say you would leave her and your kids if she cheated.

      Come on now. What type of "man" is that.

  16. A.C says:

    To add, Bennett's wife CHOSE CHOSE CHOSE CHOSE to stay in her situation. Nobody put a gun to her head like Micky Aprile!!!!!!!

  17. louisville says:

    You are worried about his wife!!!! What about all the women he slept with and the risk he put them at?????? He needs to apologize for that. And he was so non-chalant in the interview "they were prettyones, ugly ones ,skinny ones, fat ones." And i do agree his wife is a COMPLETE fool and yes he still does it.

  18. Adam says:

    You are one pathetic, jealous mf! You wish you had 10% of the attractiveness of the Winston Bennett. These women were hood rats. That’s the reality of the world. There are women who are just as sex happy as men, and the primal biological urge is to be attracted to those who physically look as if they would successfully produce healthy children. These women didn’t care about him any more than he cared about them. They wanted to fuck, and so did he. And so would you have, had you had that much pussy thrown at you. If you say otherwise, you’re either a liar, gay, or part of that finite % of men who will say no to gorgeous women offering to suck your cock.

  19. Royce says:

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  22. Princess Bennett says:

    Every so often I get on shitty, nothing ass, irrelevant, incompetent, Ill informed sites just as this one to have a few laughs. I read articles and blogs by idiots like Robert littal and I usually don’t say anything but this time I just thought I couldn’t help myself. Robert my dad won championships and set records, you wrote blogs most likely from your mothers basement. What are you doing to change the world, educate people, teach people, or influence humanity in the least little bit? If this is it then sir I truly do pity you. Don’t feel bad for his kids or wife because we’re all just fine, and will continue to share our story with the world to possibly help any others that are in similar situations. You can continue passing your insignificant judgement on people who have made mistakes but openly admitted to them and try to change for the better. I hope that satisfies you…. I know this article is old but I’m sure your opinion is the same. Too bad it doesn’t matter. Btw I’m princess Winston’s oldest daughter.
    God bless

  23. woooooowowo says:

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  24. gjaioweajwo says:

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