First Picture of Elin Nordegren & Tiger Woods Together..What Does It Mean?

When I was at The Ohio State University I took a class on Interpersonal Communications.  One of the lessons was how to read people emotions via pictures.

The professor would show us pictures and we would have to guess the emotions or what was going on.  Then the professor would tell us what really was happening.

It was like that show on Fox: “Lie to Me”

I was very good at this exercise and one day my professor stopped me before I left class and asked:

“Robert you are very good at facial recognition, when you were in high school did you study something similar?”

I told her no, but I had been watching sports since I was in a stroller and in sports a picture is always worth a 1000 words.  No different with regular people, you can always see who wants to be at the foul line with no time left and their team down one and the person who you know is going to choke it away.  The eyes don’t lie.

Some when I saw this picture of Tiger and Elin it was very easy to read.  It is simply saying:

“Tiger you’re my b*tch now.”

Game over.

5 thoughts on “First Picture of Elin Nordegren & Tiger Woods Together..What Does It Mean?

  • She loves her "status level" more than self love. #justsayin To me cheaters always get the deuces with no looking back!

  • It looks like she wishes that walking path was about 12 feet wider.

  • This does not look good! I think that Elin has been trying very hard but cannot get over Tigers' savage betrayal and who can blame her? I think that divorce is still very much on her mind. I hope that whatever she does works the best for her and her precious children. My heart goes to them!

  • He is scum

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