Jake Delhomme & His Goat Have Signed With Browns: 2 years 12 million

The Cleveland Browns has signed more than a Quarterback in Jake Delhomme they have also signed his goat.  That is the only reason why the Browns would give Delhomme 12 millions dollars over two years.  Even if he only last one year six million is way too much.

They had to take the Goat into the equation.

I know I have immediately become a Brown fan, just so I can see Jake’s expression after he throws his first of many interceptions in a Browns uniform.

I was actually sad that Jake was out of work, but now I am happy, that he has a chance to start with the Browns.  You can’t replace that type of comedy relief that he and his goat brought my Twitter followers.

I am rooting for Delhomme to win the job and the goat to make several appearances this year.