Lamar Odom On The Lakers: “Our Aura Comes Off Soft Right Now.”

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It isn’t that I don’t agree with Lamar Odom, it is just hard to take him seriously because he is married to a Kardashian (not the cute one either).

With that being said here is what he had to say about the Lakers current funk:

“We’ve got dudes on the Raptors talking (trash),” he said, noting Toronto hasn’t exactly arrived as an NBA powerhouse. “But our disposition as a team gives some of these young cats, these dudes, the right. They feel like they got the right. A couple of dudes talking to me today, if I’d have talked to Charles Oakley like one of those dudes like that, I probably would have been smacked in my face.”

Speaking on Matt Barnes the Orlando Magic guard who basically stuck his hand in with the Mamba and didn’t get bitten here are Odom’s comments:

“That (expletive) Matt Barnes pulled? That ain’t never gonna happen again. He was lucky it was a close game.”

Kardashians aside Odom does make a solid point and if there is one thing could derail another NBA Championship is if the Lakers aren’t hungry for it.

You know Bean (that’s Kobe) is going to kill himself for another ring, but he can’t do it alone. Will the rest of the Lakers start playing like they really want it or will they just go through the motions?

There are several teams very hungry from a championship for various reasons with the Cavs #1 on that list, but if the Lakers think they are going to waltz through the Western Conference that would be a foolish assumption to make.

I don’t think Lakers fans should panic at this point because a lot of times with really good teams they have the ability to kick it into gear once the playoffs start.

The Lakers are a very talented team, but this isn’t going to be a cake walk, so if Khole, Kim or the other Kardashian (I always forget her name) needs to talk to the team so be it.

6 thoughts on “Lamar Odom On The Lakers: “Our Aura Comes Off Soft Right Now.”

  • he said "aura"… of course you're coming off soft. #imjustsaying

  • I think he makes a valid point. I don't see why everyone makes a big deal about "the Kardashian" he chose to marry though. That man seems to be happily married, and whether folk notice or not, Kim is taken. Good for him.


    • Cause it is funny. If he happy that is all that matters

  • He's right but hes not the person to say it. Back in the day the Bulls, Knicks, Pistons, had an aura to them that todays team simply dont have.

  • At least he admits they are soft, bout time. lol, everyone knows this.

    They aren't even close to those Bulls, Knicks, Pistons physical teams of the 80s and 90s. Not even close. Their beef up front is him, Bynum, Gasol, and Powell. Heck, even Artest is flopping these days. And who do Fisher, Farmar (lol), and Brown scare? Nobody.

    I agree with Rob that they will just turn on the switch to get through the Western Conference like they always do. You'll see more of that "fugazi" stuff like they did vs. Houston last WCF semifinals.

  • Did you know that he Lakers lost all their NBA final matches in the1960s.They won their first title in Los Angeles in 1972, their sixth since their inception in 1946. It was in the 80’s that the Lakers popularity soared when they won 5 championships with giants like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and James Worthy playing under coach Pat Riley.

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