Lawyers of Ben Roethlisberger’s Accuser Make Statement On Her Behalf

Ben Roethlisberger lawyer has been doing a full court press with the media proclaiming his innocence.  Nothing had been said from the accuser’s side until this evening when her lawyers made this brief statement:

Attorneys Lee Parks and David Walbert of Parks, Chesin & Walbert urged the news media to keep the alleged victim’s name out of the press and give her and her parents space and time to heal, according to the Milledgeville Union-Recorder.

“Their daughter has done the right thing and reported this matter to the police,” the statement said. “She has been, and will be, available to the authorities to assist them in the criminal investigation. While the matter is under investigation, we ask you to respect her privacy, keep her name out of the press and allow the family space and time to heal.”

As I told you before I know the accuser’s name, but will respect her privacy. At this point I am giving her and Roethlisberger the benefit of the doubt and not passing judgment on either.

I won’t jump to conclusions and will wait until the police investigation is over before having an opinion on the accuser or Roethlisberger.

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