Michael Irvin Considering a Suit Against ESPN. Fired Over Rape Claim By Nicole Alisa Mostafa?

Last Wednesday Broward County authorities decided that a rape claim by Nicole Alisa Mostafa against NFL great Michael Irvin had no merit and no criminal charges would be filed.

Irvin and his attorneys have been on the offensive since Miss Mostafa filed a civil suit a few days before the Super Bowl.  They counter sued for defamation and extoration saying that Miss. Mostafa made up the entire thing simply to get paid.

In the middle of all of this ESPN relived Irvin of his duties at the ESPN radio affiliate in Dallas and Irvin’s lawyer is saying that was based off a false claim and is considering suing ESPN now.  Here are his comments from the Dallas Morning News along with some comments from Irvin:

“It’s been a horrific ordeal,” said Irvin, a former Cowboys receiver. “I am so pleased that trained investigators concluded what she claimed occurred never happened.”

Mostafa’s civil suit remains in the early “answer” stage. Larry Friedman, Irvin’s attorney for more than a decade, said ESPN could be drawn into the affair.

“We’re seriously considering a suit against ESPN,” Friedman said. “They fired Michael Irvin immediately after Ms. Mostafa filed the lawsuit and made public the false allegations that hurt Michael Irvin and his career.”

ESPN claims that Irvin’s contract was up and was released for poor performance.  They say it is just a coincidence that he was hit with the civil suit around the same time.

Regardless of who you believe, when a woman makes a false claim of “rape” it can have long term effects on the reputation of the person she is accusing.  It also makes it more difficult for women who are “rape” to come forward because of fear that they won’t be believed.

It is a very serious charge and not something that should be seen as a lottery ticket.

4 thoughts on “Michael Irvin Considering a Suit Against ESPN. Fired Over Rape Claim By Nicole Alisa Mostafa?

  • Some just yell rape for attention. I agree, false rape claims hurt an innocent man and real rape victims might be too afraid to come forward.

    • That is really my issue. I think she should be prosecuted

  • I think it's extremely selfish to falsely accuse someone of rape. It makes it harder for REAL rape victims to be heard and receive justice. Not to mention the damage it does to the reputation of the accused.

  • The real problem is when a allegation is revealed that man's name and is plastered on the news.Mean while the ladies idenity is protected even if her claim is proven false mean while the man or men's name have been drugged through the dirt.Rape or abuse of any kind is wrong and that abuse should also include lying about rape or abuse.Whatever punishment the man or woman was going to get should be given to the person who wrongly accused them.

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