Mike Tyson To Return To Ring? With Don King? Against Evander Holyfied? Nooo!!

Have you ever been half sleep and kind of reading something, but not really paying attention and then you start to comprehend what you are reading and be like:


That was me when I read about this potential Mike Tyson comeback.  At first I thought maybe it was a joke someone just making something up, but when I saw it was from Ringsidereport.com which is a very good boxing site I was like:

Robert Littal King of Gifs

Here are the absolutely ridiculous details of this disaster that hopefully never happens.

According to a source close to Tyson, former Promoter Don King has a tentative deal for Tyson to return to the ring in late 2010. The initial plan is to have Tyson-Holyfield III, but there is rumored hesitation on the part of Iron Mike, and there is a plan B.

A Connecticut heavyweight named Tony Grano, former cruiserweight champ, Jean Marc Mormeck, Vinny Maddalone, and Derric Rossy have all been mentioned as potential first or second comeback opponents for Tyson.

I blame this all on Don King. King stole millions from Tyson and now trying to go back to the “Tyson Bank” and make a final withdrawl. Tyson is at a good place right now in his life. Most people assumed he would be dead by now, but in pop culture he is still relevant and people are trying to forget the end of his career where he was being beaten the Danny Williams’ of the world.

The last thing we need is Tyson who hasn’t fought since 2005 fighting anyone and especially Evander Holyfield who refuses to retire.

Even Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones thinks this is a bad idea.

Hopefully someone close to Tyson explains to him that Don King is just using him (I know shocking) and he should concentrate on more movie cameos and living a relaxing life away from the stress of boxing.

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