Pacman Jones Misses Own Workout For NFL Scouts..SHOCKING!!

Is anyone in the continental United States or Russia surprised by this?

Only Pacman Jones, who has to know he has absolutely no room for error to try to get back into the NFL would miss his own scheduled workout.

According to Jones did not appear and no one knows why.  He was supposed to work out after Tulane’s pro day, but since Tulane had nothing to do with it had no clue why he didn’t show.

Maybe he was on Bourbon Street making it rain?

Of course you would need money to make it rain and since he hasn’t been in the NFL for awhile it is unclear if he can make it rain or just make it partly cloudy.

I think it is safe to say we won’t be seeing him on a NFL team in 2010.


Our good friends said it was a big mix up with and Pacman is indeed working out for teams.

So good for him for not completely blowing it.

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