Prosecuters Want Gilbert Arenas Jail Sentence to Be 3 Months

I have no issues with this because when you break the law with a serious offense you should go to jail.  I feel what Arenas did was worse than Plaxico Burress and Plax got two years in jail (which is ridiculous by the way).

Prosecutors are also saying that Arenas tried to cover up the incident and pressured Javaris Crittenton to do the same.  Here is what they said according to ESPN:

Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher R. Kavanaugh made the allegation in a court filing Tuesday as he advocated for a three-month jail sentence for Arenas for bringing guns to the Verizon Center. Arenas’ lawyer is arguing for probation and community service. Sentencing is scheduled for Friday.

Kavanaugh quoted from a text message that Arenas purportedly asked a teammate to forward to Crittenton. In it, he tells Crittenton not to mention their dispute if he is asked about the guns.

Kavanaugh claimed that Arenas, who pleaded guilty to a felony charge of carrying a pistol without a license on Jan. 15, has shown “little genuine remorse for anything other than how this incident may affect his career.”

“If any other individual without fame, power and the wealth of this defendant, brought four firearms into the District for the purpose of a similar confrontation, the government would seek their incarceration and the court would almost certainly give it,” Kavanaugh wrote.

I am not surprised that Arenas has shown no remorse.  All he cares about is getting his money from the Wizards.  To be honest three months is a bit on the light side and I wonder if they Judge will sentence him to a harsher penalty.

As I stated Plaxico was carrying a gun for protection since his teammate was robbed at gun point the week before.  He wasn’t trying to floss or trying to show someone how tough he was.  The gun accidentally went off and because of expired license he received two years in prison.

Arenas brought his guns into the workplace, laid them out in plain sight, threatening a teammate, tried to cover it up and then mocked his actions.  He is the one who should be getting the two years not Plaxico.

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  • Arenas should definitely receive more than just 3 years in jail for what he did, especially since DC is VERY strict on their gun laws.

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