Reggie Bush’s Friend January Gessert Holds Press Conference..*Wait* *What*?

I am somewhat confused by this. Reggie Bush noho … errrrrrrrr .. friend January Gessert had a live press conference to proclaim she isn’t Reggie’s jump off or caused the split between him and Kim Kardashian.

Maybe I am old school, but when did alleged jump offs have press conferences?

What world am I living in?

Isn’t this a chick a waitress at Denny’s or something?

(Pics: The Chick Reggie Bush Left Kim Kardashian For? January Gessert)

Is Reggie Bush slow? Did he know this was happening? Does he have any control of his women?

This is what this young lady had to say:

“I’m shocked, frightened and crushed that leaving a friend’s house could be so misconstrued to turn my whole life upside down,” January, 27, told reporters March 31 at the Los Angeles offices of her attorney, Gloria Allred. “I can’t believe people and the media will go to such great lengths to create a completely fabricated story to boost ratings.”

“[January] and Reggie have had a relationship as friends for five years, but the relationship has always been, and continues to be just that — of friends and nothing more,” Gloria added. She explained that Reggie and January met while Reggie was still in college. “The truth is that January did stay at Reggie’s house on March 16, but she stayed there with two other friends, [one male and one female]. January and her friends watched a movie, while Reggie packed for New York and slept alone. January left early in the morning. She has been the victim of someone else’s need for drama.”

Though multiple news outlets have asked January to tell her story, Gloria said she has refused because January is “not willing to tell a lie and pretend something happened between her and Reggie.”

January, who is not considering legal action against any media outlets who reported the story, said she has had no contact with Kim, but that she has spoken with Reggie as recently as March 30. She said Reggie is just as shocked and confused by the situation as she is.

As for January’s plans for the future, she said her musical group, Superhero, will release its first single this summer. She describes Superhero’s sound as “electro hip-hop pop” music, and Gloria said, “I might dance to it if I can learn how to do hip-hop.”

Oh I understand now. She has a “musical group”. It all makes sense now. Girl go sit down somewhere don’t act like you aren’t loving this attention.

Attention whoring I tell it is running rampant world.

Reggie please Smarten Up.

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  • HA!! I like how she plugged in her music group

  • I was pretty much done at "musical group". How lame.

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