Rumor: Donovan McNabb to be Traded to Saint Louis Rams

I need to stress this is just a rumor, but the BSO Blackberry has been blowing up over the last 30 minutes from some trusted sources saying it could be happening and be happening soon. The compensation could be the Rams 1st pick of the second round.

The one thing I do know is that the Eagles want to go forward with Kevin Kolb as the starter, so trading McNabb is likely. One roadblock could be that McNabb would want a lucrative extension wherever he ends up playing next year and if traded he would want to be traded to a contender.

McNabb can’t block a trade, but he can make completing a trade more difficult if he decides to go that route.

The problem with Michael Vick is that there doesn’t appear to be a lot of interest in him at this time.

The Rams have been locked in on Sam Bradford and they could still go in that direction even if they did bring in McNabb, but at this point it is all speculation.

ProFootBallTalk is reporting there are conflicting reports and the Philadelphia inquirer says there is indeed an offer on the table the Eagles like here is what the Inquirer has to say:

Now, there’s a report from Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer that the Eagles “have an offer on the table” from the Rams for the No. 33 selection in the draft, in exchange for McNabb. McLane writes that McNabb would be willing to go to St. Louis with a contract extension, and that a trade could happen quickly.

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  • McNabb has put up big numbers, but he has a habit of choking way too often in crunch time

  • mcnabb might as well retire bc his career is over if he goes to the rams

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