Should Roger Goddell Suspend Ben Roethlisberger Now

Here is what Goodell had to say about Roethlisberger at the annual owners’ meeting:

“We take the issue very seriously,” Goodell said Monday at a news conference here during the league’s annual meeting. “We are concerned Ben continues to put himself in this position.”

My own beliefs on NFL suspensions are that you shouldn’t be suspended without convictions.  Until you are convicted you should be able to play.

The reasoning is simple; if you are found not guilty in the eyes of the law you were falsely accused.

Roger Goodell doesn’t believe in that.  He will suspend you just for hanging around trouble and for him to be consistent he must suspend Ben Roethlisberger.

This is not the first or second time Roethlisberger has been involved with something that has embarrassed himself, his team and the league.

People overlooked the motorcycle crashed because he almost died.

People overlooked the first sexual assault accusation because it was a civil suit.

Finally it appears people are taking these claims seriously and Goodell who has suspended players for less needs to show that he doesn’t play favorites.

Remember Pacman Jones never spent one day in jail for anything that he was “accused” of and that didn’t stop Goodell for suspending him indefinitely.

Time for him to show that he is truly an unbiased commissioner.

10 thoughts on “Should Roger Goddell Suspend Ben Roethlisberger Now

  • If Goddell was going to suspend Big Ben, he would've been suspended him. Not going to happen, even though he should be suspended.

  • I agree that Goddell needs to be consistent and Ben certainly meets the requirements of a suspension according to Goddell's previous actions. However, I just want to point out that being found "not guilty" of a crime does not automatically mean you were falsely accused. It could mean that but it also could mean that the evidence wasn't strong enough to overcome a "beyond a reasonable doubt" presumption. That's why people are determined to be "not guilty" rather than "innocent".

  • Roethlisberger should be gone for the season. He went to that bar, plyed young and underage women with alcohol and carried out a dispicable act in a seedy bathroom. No character like this deserves to play without counseling and ahuge act like a years suspension to get his attention.

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