T.O. & Donovan McNabb Reunited in Oakland? It’s Possible

People tweet me a lot of stuff and a lot of times I politely answer even though I know it will never happen or it is just a bunch of foolishness as my Aunt Sharon says.

But when Mo Adams (@motown410) tweeted this:

@BlkSportsOnline mcnabb & t.o. in Oakland?

I was about to dismiss it, but then I thought about it for a second.  The chances of McNabb getting trade are very high and from all accounts the Raiders are one of the front runners for his services.

T.O. is still looking for work and the market is dry, but there have been whispers the Raiders could be interested.

The Raiders truth be told are not as awful as say the Rams or the Lions.

The problem with the Raiders is they have an terrible,  fat and lazy quarterback who is dragging down the franchise.

(Jamarcus Russell shrugged when he read that last sentence.)

The defense is better than average.  The running game is solid.  The two things they are missing is a veteran quarterback and receiver.

McNabb and Owens have kissed and made up to the point them working together shouldn’t be a problem.  If anything they both realized they messed up a good thing in Philly.

Just food for thought.

9 thoughts on “T.O. & Donovan McNabb Reunited in Oakland? It’s Possible

  • It makes too much sense that it won't happen. On the other hand, T.O. isn't nearly the same receiver that he was in Philly or even Dallas. He's probably got 1-2 productive years left. McNabb may have 3-4 if he avoids a major injury.

    The truth of the matter is the best place for McSoup and T.O. to land is = San Francisco

    The same traits that you applied to the Raiders could be applied to the 49ers. T.O. can end it where it started, and McSoup would finally be in a place that embraced him. Strong coach with security, solid running game, and a defense that is on the rise. At the very least, they'll snag a weak NFC West and it's anyone's game once you're in the playoffs. And it gives the team time to find a franchise QB for the future instead of pretending that Alex Smith is anything more than a backup.

  • That would be brilliant. If McNabb doesn't hate T.O. behind the curtains, he could convince Oakland to throw 3 million at TO for a year. Raiders Run game and defense could make them a contender against KC, SD, and Denver, in the AFC West.

  • i just think it be a shame if mcnabb leaves philly right when he has arguably the best offensive weapons he's ever had..i dont think them reuniting would work it got rel ugly in philly..i do think t.o. still has some left in the tank he had a 197 yd game last year and had 897 yds total with some pretty bad qbs


  • This makes too much sense…that is why the Raiders won't do it.

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