The Real/Fake Superman Shaquille O’Neal Scheduled For Thumb Surgery

As I pointed out a few days ago the farce of a trade the Cavs made with the Wizards might be what allows them to make it to the NBA Finals.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas will be back in a few weeks, whereas we are not sure when Shaq will be coming back.

He is having surgery on his thumb than “Big Baby” Davis hacked on.

So Shaq heads back to Smallville errrrrrrrrrrrrr Baltimore to get his thumb worked on and could be out anywhere from 6-8 weeks.

There are seven weeks to go in the NBA season and no one knows how healthy Shaq will be. Not saying Big Z is Shaq, but he is better than no one.

In the interim Sideshow Bob will be at center for the Cavs.