The Saint Louis Rams Have No Choice But To Pick Sam Bradford

You all know how I feel about “Pro Days”, I think for the most part they are meaningless especially for quarterbacks.  I based that off the best pro day I ever saw was JaMarcus Russell pro day and we see how that turned out.  It is easy to impressed people in a controlled environment but it means nothing when a Rex Ryan blitz is coming at you.

Sam Bradford had his pro day today and if you listen to the hyperbole he is the second coming of Troy Aikman (Gil Brandt even used Aikman as an example).

The only thing people needed to see about Bradford was if he was healthy or not.  He seemed perfectly fine and made all the throws (short, mid range and long).

Now if you are the Rams you need to go and evaluate the game tape because that is the most important thing.

Apparently draft experts and NFL insiders are coming out of the woodwork saying that Bradford is lock #1 pick.

Of course people will ignore that I have been saying  for months as long as his shoulder checked out Bradford would be the #1 pick.

The reasons were always clear to me.

The Rams have absolutely no buzz in Saint Louis or in the NFL.  Drafting another Defensive Lineman wasn’t going to change that.

On a more practical front no rookie interior Defensive Lineman has ever turned a franchise around.  They can help, but certainly not change the fortunes of a franchise.

The Rams have drafted defensive linemen high in the draft with mix results and have gotten progressively worse each year.

Would picking a lineman be safer?

Sure, but when you are coming off a 1-15 season you have to take some risks.  I don’t know if Sam Bradford will be a bust or any better than Jimmy Clausen or some unknown QB drafted in a later round.  What I do know is the Rams have to take that chance because they have already passed up on a few franchise quarterbacks (Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez) and unless they are willing to trade for a QB (Michael Vick is available) they can’t afford to pass up another one potentially.

They need a new face of the franchise, someone who represents hope and it has always appeared to me Bradford was that guy.

Even before “The Greatest Pro Day of All Time”.