Tiger Woods Fires Ari Fleischer..Best Move He Made In Awhile

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Tiger Woods hired Ari Fleischer to help him with his “image restoration” and we stated it was one of the dumbest moves that Tiger could make.

The last thing Tiger needs is someone appearing to pull the puppet strings of the media.

The problem I had with the ESPN interview, that Tiger had was that it was “staged”. Tiger still thinks he can fool us, but the truth is everyone knows that Tiger is a “man whore” and the majority of us don’t care.

All of the whining about the treatment and hurting a lot of people is just some BS to me.

Just play golf and do a better job hiding your nohos.

According to the Huffington Post he got rid of Fleischer because he didn’t want it to appear he was orchestrating a “new image”.  That is a smart move because they was exactly what I was thinking.

Tiger had plenty of time to talk when this first happened, but now he just needs to be quiet and win the Masters so this story can die a quick death.