Tiger Woods To Be “Questioned” By Media at Augusta on April 5th

Someone please just make it stop.

Tiger had his chance to do all of this a long time ago and choose not to. It is too late now. I don’t want to see his pre-packaged answers to a bunch of media members of his choosing.

Unless he is going to talk about his favorite porn star or how he likes to choke women I don’t want to hear it.

It is fake, insincere and to be honest it is no longer newsworthy.

Just shut up and play golf for goodness sakes.

All he trying to do it put some febreze on a big pile of Dog sh*t excuse my French #nomichaelvick. He isn’t fooling anyone and it’s time for everyone to move on. If only Ben Roethlisberger was this open to being questioned.

One thought on “Tiger Woods To Be “Questioned” By Media at Augusta on April 5th

  • Don't see why people still want to question Tiger about what goes on with his PERSONAL life

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