Video: Jim Lampley Wants to “Bang” Manny Pacquiao

I understand that it was a boring fight.

I understand Pacquiao is a HBO cash cow.

I understand that Lampley likes to “Bathwaterslurp” certain fighters.

But this is a bit strange and somewhat disturbing.

What I find ironic is that most of the “Bang” shots didn’t even connect. While Clottey didn’t throw a lot he wasn’t hurt at anytime in the fight. If you were just listening and not watching he way Lampley was near orgasm every time Pacquiao hit Clottey in the shoulder, you would have thought Clottey was near death.

Lampley’s slurping for Pacquiao was so bad that Max Kellerman and Emmanuel Steward didn’t even comment during his “Bang” bonanza until Max unsuccessful tried to get in a comment at the end.

There was around 20 “Bangs” in a 30 second time period.

Maybe Floyd Mayweather should require Lampley to submit to Olympic style drug testing because he is obviously on something.

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One thought on “Video: Jim Lampley Wants to “Bang” Manny Pacquiao

  • I dont think Lampley was riding Pacquaio. I just think the match was so boring that Lampley felt it was his duty to create some excitement for an "event" that seemed to exceed the actual fight. I cant be mad at Lampley for that. At least Pacquaio was fighting. Had he tried to say bang everytime for Clottey's effort it would have been a quiet night all together.

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