Video: Mike Bibby Doesn’t like Teammate Josh Smith “Rubbing His Shoulders”..Classic


Nothing like some good old fashion shoulder massaging to bother your teammate in the huddle.

Mike Bibby was the “object of his teammates” affections in this one huddle a few days ago.

Specifically Josh Smith wanted to make sure the Bibby was relaxed.

Bibby’s reaction to all of this is priceless.

What makes it so funny is he is really trying to listen to the coach in the huddle, but Josh Smith’s obviously wants to make sure that isn’t happening.

Bibby’s even mouth the words:

“What are you doing, dog?”

Obviously it was a planned attack by the Hawks since you notice other teammates bothering Bibby as well.

Those crazy Hawks, I wonder if Tree Rollins ever did that to Dominique Wilkins?


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