Video: Paul Pierce Has a PHD in The Vince Carter Injury Acting School

Wrestlemania was last night and for us old school heads it was a joy to watch The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels put on another epic match (Undertaker still undefeated 18-0).

With that being said, even the greatness that is Shawn Michaels would bow down in admiration of Paul Pierce.

I use to think Vince Carter who once missed a game with a hangnail and always appears to be shot any time he is touch was the king of acting out injuries.

But if Vince is the King, Paul Pierce is the Prince in waiting to take his crown.

We all remember his Oscar winning performance in the 2008 NBA Finals where he had to be carried off the court and put in a wheelchair as if his knee had exploded into 500 pieces only to return two minutes later like nothing had happened. Even Monique in her Hairy Legs were brought to tears by that performance.

The latest Oscar winning performance was last night against the Spurs.  Fast Forward the video to the 1:30 mark and you will see Pierce go down with an apparent shoulder injury.  It appears so bad that the Saint Louis Rams decided not to draft him with the 1st pick on the NFL Draft.

Of course in the next frame Pierce is fine as if nothing happened.

I thought gangsters weren’t supposed to be soft? 

Wasn’t that Pierce throwing up gang signs against the Hawks a couple of years ago?

You have trained you pupil well Vince.

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