Arizona Cardinals Safety Kerry Rhodes Wants Him a “Kim Kardashian”

I appreciate honesty.

Everyday people just tell people what they want to hear, not what they really think.  Athletes and entertainers – for obvious reasons – can’t always say what they really feel.  Can you imagine a Tiger Woods press conference if he was to say what was really on his mind?

It would be epic.  That is why I give Kerry Rhodes credit for speaking the truth.  He was at a charity event over the weekend and here is what he had to say about dating a “regular girl”:

“It’s hard to date someone who isn’t living my lifestyle – they don’t understand what comes with the job,” Rhodes said at the A.E.R. cancer fund-raiser at 320 Studios on Saturday night. It seems like Rhodes may just have someone in mind.

“Having a girlfriend in the spotlight, like Reggie Bush did with [ex-girlfriend] Kim Kardashian, would actually be a pretty ideal situation for me,” the baller said with a smirk.

If you want to roll with Kerry Rhodes and the Drawn on Beard Crew, you better not be “Jenny from the Block,” you need to be “Hoopz from a VH1 Reality Show.”

I wonder if Kat Stacks is considered a “regular girl” or a “lifestyle girl?”

Luckily, for all you “regular ladies” out there I still have no problem Breaking Lamps with you, if you are interested in a dollarnaire.

Here are the required Kim Kardashian pics for this post:

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