Audio: Eagles WR DeSean Jackson The Rapper? Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Rappers want to be athletes and athletes want to be rappers. Normally when they try to step into the other world they fail miserably, and this is no exception with Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

His first mistake was trying to flow over Wacka Flocka Flame’s “Let’s Do It”.

Not the track to use if you want people to take you seriously as an emcee.  Secondly, he is on a track with real rappers Gillie the Kid and Oschino who just make him look worse than he already is.

Just in case you wanted to know, DeSean’s rapping name is D Jack, but people think he is Nino.  Nothing like comparing yourself to Nino Brown to get the off-season off on the right foot.  He raps about the regular stuff you would expect from a rapper (money, cash, hoes).   He chimes in at about 1:15 mark of the YouTube.  Enjoy.

Hat tip to You’ve Been Blinded for the story.

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