Ben Roethlisberger Accuser: “He Followed Me With His ‘Package’ Out Into the Bathroom”

First off, I am trying to erase the visual of what I just read from my mind.

This is according to who, from witness accounts, has pieced together what happened before the alleged sexual assault took place.

Milledgeville Police spoke with multiple witnesses who claim the accuser told people she was raped — moments after her encounter with Ben.

According to one witness, the accuser claimed that it all started while she was in a secluded hallway in the Capital City nightclub, when Ben walked over to her “with his penis already out of his pants.”

According to the witness, the accuser claimed she tried to walk out of the area — but instead of opening an exit door, she mistakenly opened the door to a bathroom … and walked inside.

According to the witness, the accuser claimed Ben followed her inside the bathroom, shut the door, and then raped her.

The cop claims he also spoke with Ben that night — and according to the document, Ben told the officer that he remembered hanging around the accuser earlier in the night … but told her “she was too drunk after observing her fall.” Ben said he then walked away from her.

*Blank Stare*

Hold on for a second.

*Blank Stare*

Wait a minute.

*Blank Stare*

What in the blue hell is going on around here?

Fellas, is that how we approach ladies now?  Is this like Ace Ventura?  Instead of “Laces Out,” is it “Package Out?”

It doesn’t even matter if you believe Ben or the accuser on what happened after they got in the bathroom, the fact that he is walking around just “swinging” is too much.

This isn’t a Seinfeld episode; you just can’t be whipping it out.

He needs to be suspended 5 years just for being an idiot.  I mean, truly, an idiot.  Pacman Jones is a Rhodes Scholar in comparison to Roethlisberger.

Even if Roethlisberger is being falsely accused by these women – which I am not entirely sure he is – he has a mental problem that needs to be checked out.

Maybe the Steelers should start calling around for a trade partner.

*Update* is reporting that another witness says Roethlisberger’s bodyguard dragged the accuser into the bathroom.  Here are those details:

In documents released Wednesday, Nicole Biancofiore told investigators from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations that her friend, a student at Georgia College & State University, “was dragged by a bodyguard to the back room in Capital [City, a local nightclub]. She was extremely intoxicated and not aware of what was happening.”

“He had sex w/me and meanwhile his bodyguards told my friends they couldn’t pass them to get to me,” the accuser wrote in her statement, which was reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

4 thoughts on “Ben Roethlisberger Accuser: “He Followed Me With His ‘Package’ Out Into the Bathroom”

  • I am starting to think he is a sexual predator someone call Chris Hanson

  • lol he walked up to her with his dick out WTFF

  • Well if anything he didn't pay her off otherwise we wouldn't be hearing about this. That's how hush $$$ works.

    Putting that aside he doesn't look good at all and if anything would lean towards the "erased tape"

  • This is the 2nd time we have heard of this sexual predators action. The 1st girl was pressured by her "wannbe'friends with ben" boss and now this. He should be in Jail.
    He will do it again, he does not have the brains to realize what a break he has gotten.
    I have lost a lot of respect for the Rooney family for their "feather duster" approach to
    him and his punishment. I guess it all comes down to dollars and wins…..

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