CBS, ESPN’s Sage Steele Need To Relax In Regards To Tiger Woods’ So Called “Outburst”


I must say, I am a little annoyed by this.

I’m chilling, looking for me a Burt Sugar hat to purchase when I start getting text messages saying:

“Sage Steele went in on Tiger.”

So I am like:

What did Tiger do now to warrant this reaction?

I am thinking to myself that Tiger must have really have lost control, so I get on Twitter and people are saying it wasn’t that bad. Someone sends me the YouTube link and this is what I hear:

So let me get this straight; it is pathetic for someone to be critical of themselves?  This is what passes for a “Profane Outbust” these days?  I am going to assume her kids have never watched TV in their life and have been trapped in the attic Ann Frank style until they went to the Masters today.

People need to get off their high horses and start living in this place called the “real world.” Tiger isn’t perfect and doesn’t have to act perfect to please everyone; especially those standing in line to throw stones even though they live in glass mansions.

I don’t believe for a minute that Sage Steele’s rant had as much to do with her kids as much as how she feels about Tiger Woods personally and his “transgressions.”

“Tiger, you suck, God Dammnit!”

You hear worse language on daytime soap operas.

CBS – who is cashing in on Tiger Woods and airs many shows that spew much harsher language – needs to stop making something out of nothing.

Tiger Woods is not robot, so stop trying to force this man to be something he is not.   He is not a role model, he is not a perfect human being, he is not Tim Tebow ..*wait* get what I am saying.   He is the world’s best golfer and that’s all anyone needs to worry about.

People’s reactions to Tiger are much more pathetic than anything Tiger Woods does.  Worry about yourself; stop playing moral judge and jury unless you’re ready to open up your closet –  so we can see how many skeletons will fall out.


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