Check Out The NFL Chick on Saturday Morning Football Show w/ Rob Long 10am


I have had the opportunity to get to know many independent sports website owners like myself.  We are all like a secret society.  No one really knows how difficult it is to make sports websites a success, especially when you are competing with millions of sites all talking about the same thing.

One of the ways we help each other grow is by spotlighting each other when someone is doing something great. has always been one of my favorite sites to go to (bookmark it) and I have always loved her unique perspective on sports.

In a great look for her, she will be co-hosting the Saturday Morning Football Show with Rob Long on Fox Sports Radio from 10am-Noon tomorrow.  You can listen to the show live at Fox 1370 AM.

So just as I know you would support me, I ask that you support her as well. 

I have always said there aren’t enough female sports voices out there – and even fewer African-American female voices – so this is a really big step for her and her site.

Bookmark the site, listen to the show, and be sure to give her feedback via her twitter @thenflchick.


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