Flashing Lights Too Much For Big Ben’s Accuser “I Can’t Handle the Media Blitz”

It seems as though Big Ben’s accuser encouraged officials to bring the sexual assault case against the Steelers’ quarterback  to a halt because of the excess media attention she has been receiving – but she is still standing by her story (can you say, “confused?”).

The accuser’s lawyer sent a letter on her behalf to Fred Bright, the District Attorney, on March 17th which included the statement:

“a criminal trial would be a very intrusive personal experience … given the extraordinary media attention that would be inevitable.”

The letter then goes on to say:

“This decision does not reflect any recanting of our client’s complaint, but simply a realistic, personal decision as to what is in her best interest….”

This morning it was announced by the D.A. that no criminal charges would be filed against Roethlisberger… Now I’m not implying anything, but I think every pro athlete needs to have Ben’s legal team on speed dial.

To view the whole letter courtesy of TMZ click here

2 thoughts on “Flashing Lights Too Much For Big Ben’s Accuser “I Can’t Handle the Media Blitz”

  • Yeah whatever I'd be more inclined to take her seriously if she went ahead with it sure there would be a lot of media attention but if she's telling the truth it would be worth it so he wouldn't do it to someone else.

  • This is the one thing I never understood about cases such as this one involving a high profile person. If she was raped, why would she, or anyone, accept a settlement (if there was a settlement)? I wouldn't want a PB&J sandwich from my rapist, let alone money. My conscience would eat me alive. Wouldn't the trauma of the rape be compounded by the burden of the money? I guess I'd have to see it from their perspective, but I would feel so much better knowing the person who raped me was rotting behind bars.

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