Jason Whitlock Getting His Pimp Focus On Via Twitter

Looks like somebody while they were eating some hot wings hit the wrong button on Twitter.

Didn’t Ray Allen teach you anything Mr. Whitlock?  When you are trying to send a Direct Message you better double check before you hit send.

Especially when you are having a very public feud with the biggest sports blog in the country.

Lets analyze Jason Whitlock’s pimp focus.

Seriously I just busted out laughing reading it.  Let me try to compose myself.

*Pulls out my Dean of NoHology playbook.*

The you aren’t a dork, you are a dream line is not half bad I guess.  The gathering intel sounds a bit Jack Bauerish, but no issues with that.

I won’t front I go to Facebook for more intel myself, since you can’t trust those Twitter pics.

We wish Jason well on his Lamp Breaking endeavors.  Hopefully she isn’t a MySpace Model.

Hat tip to Deadspin for proving you can never delete anything from Twitter.

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