Jerry Jones Is Hilarious & Tipsy As He Disses Tim Tebow & Bill Parcells


Who knew that Jerry Jones is a chatterbox after he ties one on?  Alright, all of you, put your hands down.

More evidence that FlipCams and video-capable cell phones are a necessary part of society.  A couple of guys ran into Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, presumably at a bar, and drunk or not, he was not shy about sharing his feelings on various subjects.

On Tim Tebow: “He’d never get on the field.”

On Bill Parcells: “Bill’s not worth a sh*t, but I love him.”

Jerry Jones has always struck me as a funny guy; he reminds me of my family in Memphis.  By him being a nice guy and extending some of that “Southern Hospitality” to two fans, he in all likelihood brightened quite a few days with his *possible* drunken chatter.  The video isn’t that long, so maybe he’s a lot like an uncle of mine and passed out shortly thereafter.  Stay classy, Dallas.


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