Look What Elin Nordegren Did To Tiger Woods’ Tooth

She has the nerve not to show up at the Masters with Tiger’s kids after she busted his grill up, so much so that he looks like he has went some rounds with Manny Pacquiao?


She has Tiger looking like the dude from “The Hangover.” This is a travesty of epic proportions.

I demand that Obama stop playing “Horse” for a minute and handle this situation. She needs to be deported ASAP and Tiger should be given full custody of his kids.

Actually, let’s get Jack Bauer to interrogate her and then we will find out the truth about what she did with that 9 Iron.

As I tweeted, Tiger Woods has been emasculated. He used to be Panthro.

Now he is Snarf:


You know the rest.

5 thoughts on “Look What Elin Nordegren Did To Tiger Woods’ Tooth

  • stupid

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