NFL Player Clinton Hart Charged With Battery on Kelli Nicole Hart Over Facebook

Social media is the devil to a lot of relationships (wonder if Tim Tebow can do something about this).  The latest to get caught up is NFL free agent Clinton Hart.  The former Chargers and Rams safety got into a scuffle with his wife over a Facebook posting; here are the details from

According to officials, Clinton G. Hart, 32, scuffled with his wife Kelli Nicole Hart, 31, over a message posted to his Facebook account.

Officer Matt H. Friedman went to Kelli Hart’s business in northeast Ocala after her husband called authorities.

She told the official her husband was using a computer to look at his Facebook account and that he left the building, leaving the account open, and leaving behind his cellphone.

Kelli Hart said she took the phone and put it in her right rear jeans pocket, and that the Facebook page was left open.

Realizing he left his phone inside and his Facebook page open, Clinton Hart attempted to re-enter the business, but was prevented from doing so by his wife.

The two struggled, and Clinton Hart reportedly grabbed his wife’s rear pocket, tearing it to retrieve his phone. During the struggle, she was hit in the lower lip.

Clinton Hart told the officer he was using the computer and left, and that when he tried to get back inside his wife stopped him. He said they struggled and he ripped her pants pocket while trying to get his phone. He said he never meant to hit her.

He said the argument began when an unknown woman messaged his Facebook account saying she knows him personally. His wife saw it and got upset when he returned to the business to close down his account and tried to get his phone. He also said his wife had a brick and was threatening to throw it through the windshield of his vehicle.

Kelli told the officer she did not want her husband arrested and that it was he who called police.

A couple of things should be pointed out in Hart’s defense.  He was the one who called the police which leads me to believe he wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt his wife.  Secondly, his wife was the one with the brick.  Lastly, it doesn’t appear his wife wanted him arrested.   Sounds more like misunderstanding than a “battery.”

In the end I think the charges will be dropped and that will be that.

With that being said… Clinton, my man, you have to be smarter than that.  You can’t be leaving your computer wide open and your phone unlocked on the desk.  Don’t you know women are detectives?  You are making it too easy.

Also, I don’t care what the situation is – if you call the police and there has been an altercation almost 95% of the time the man is going to jail; unless you feel you are in physical danger, you probably don’t want to make that call.

Back in the day it was much harder to get caught cheating – maybe that is why the divorce rate was lower.  Now thanks to technology and social media there are way too many ways to get caught up.

Alas, the average man isn’t smart enough to cover their tracks and are horrible liars, so that is why these type of stories happen.  I hear this type of stuff every day; it just doesn’t involve an NFL player but it is pretty common, trust me.

Lock up that phone, hit delete on those DMs, make that 2nd Facebook page that she doesn’t know about, and try not to be as dumb as Mr. Hart, fellas.

6 thoughts on “NFL Player Clinton Hart Charged With Battery on Kelli Nicole Hart Over Facebook

  • – It looks like your favorite #NFL whipping boy, Jamarcus Russell is getting his walking papers. You offering thoughts?

  • If you know Clint Hart at all you knowhe is not an abuser nhe ewas simply tryin to get his own stuff. hows that wrong? drop chargers and that man get back to playing for this country!n803-392-7288 signed Darlene Smith

  • Isn't he separated from his wife? Why does it matter what he is doing with other people?

  • I know Clinton Hart ever since he was in Kindergarten. Clinton wouldn't hurt anyone. He is a fine young man and to his community, as well as, the NFL community where he is player at. He holds a football camp for children at his high school in Bushnell, Florida and he has local high school football players, college players, and the ones who is signing up with the NFL. They all donate their time to be with the children. I think that the NFL should take back and let him do what he loves to do to "play football". I know there is a team that needs a good Safety around the league some where. There a lot of football players that do a lot of worst things than this and they can come back and play football. Clinton should have the same chance as they do. Beverly Smith, Bushnell, Florida

  • leave the white women alone, you will continue to go to jail…..

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