Plane Flying Over Masters: “Tiger Did You Mean BOOTYISM?”

First off, great catch by Sports By Brooks.

Secondly, I am 87% sure someone stole that phrase from me.  I was on an Atlanta radio station two weeks ago having a good time with the play on words between Buddhism and Bootyism.

I am going to chalk this up to the Power of Littal, since I also say this often on Twitter.

The BSO empire is strong.

Not strong enough to buy an airplane message, so hopefully Tiger’s FBI agents don’t come after me.  I am only a Dollarnaire.

A little off topic, but why am I getting breaking news texts on Tiger parring the first hole at the Masters when I never got a breaking news text about Ben Roethlisberger?  I’ll let you figure out where the text came from.

UPDATE:  Apparently one banner wasn’t enough.  Another flyover, this time with the message “SEX ADDICT?  YEAH, RIGHT.  SURE.  ME TOO!”  Is that you, Sneaky Tiki?

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