Report: Marvin Harrison Not Out Of The Woods?

Reports are surfacing that the 8-time Pro Bowler isn’t quite done with his gun case stemming from a shooting that happened in 2008.  Philadelphia prosecutor Seth Williams will be taking a “fresh look” at the case.  Those are words you never, ever want to hear.

Even though this case is dragging on like the NCAA’s investigation of USC and Reggie Bush, it is still funny to me that so many in the “media” always killed T.O. and Ocho, saying they are problems when neither of them have ever had any issues as serious as Mr. Harrison.  Maybe the media will learn, it’s the quiet ones you have to watch.

2 thoughts on “Report: Marvin Harrison Not Out Of The Woods?

  • I gotta admit.. I am shocked Marvin is so hood like this… However, this still does not absolve T.O. from all the mess he starts. No he doesn't commit crimes or have 900 children.. but he isn't a good teammate. In within the sports world.. thats what he was ripped for.

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