Report: Steelers Looking to Trade Roethlisberger For Top 10 Pick

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Steelers have been contacting teams with picks in the Top 10 of the upcoming draft to see if there is any interest in trading for Ben Roethlisberger.

I think it’s highly unlikely that will happen, but you never know; if a team is desperate enough for a proven starting quarterback they might be willing to listen even though they know Roethlisberger will be suspended and is on his last strike.

It appears to me that the Steelers don’t want Roethlisberger anymore – and will try to do what they can to get rid of him at some point if Dennis Dixon becomes a viable quarterback replacement for them.

11 thoughts on “Report: Steelers Looking to Trade Roethlisberger For Top 10 Pick

  • dam if I'm the 49ers I give them number 16 and take ben even with the 4 game suspension.

  • steelers are willing to be a running team and play defense. They are use to managing the QB until ben came along.

  • If you are Rams do you consider trading #1draft pick for Big Ben?

  • The Rams may pull the trade off

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