Shaunie O’Neal Getting Her Stella On..Shaq Sending Subliminal Tweets?


When pictures started to float around of Shaunie O’Neal booed up with a 22 year old fake Braylon Edwards I just “JamarcusShrugged”. She is divorce and if she wants to “Break Lamps” with Montell Jordan look a likes that is her business.

But Shaq Diesel that sly tweeter that he is appears to be throwing some subliminal tweets towards his ex wife. In the middle of some “Yo Momma” Jokes, he threw in a couple of youtube videos of “Cougars” in the wild.

For those of you not familiar,  the term “Cougar” is synonymous with older females who prey on younger guys. Think Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

I appreciate Shaq’s creativity in the matter.

As oppose to having his jump offs errrrrrrrrrrr friends call press conferences like Reggie Bush or suing his wife for money that he gave her like D Wade, Shaq has taken the comical approach to the woman who is spending him money on a reject member of Jagged Edge.


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