Ted Ginn, Jr.: Tell Em Why You Mad Son – On Twitter?


As I have stated many times, some athletes shouldn’t be on Twitter.  You can not be a “Moist Dude” or a sensitive guy if you are going to be in a social media forum.

Our latest victim is Ted Ginn, Jr. who was traded earlier today from the Miami Dolphins to the San Francisco 49ers.  He didn’t like the criticism from a Dolphins fan who was happy he was leaving town.

Once again, in the immortal words of Jay-Z:


It doesn’t matter if your tweets are protected, nothing is hidden on the internet and you can’t be talking to people like this.  Even if you honestly feel that way, it only shows you in a negative light.  Don’t you understand that in the Roger Goodell-run NFL this type of behavior is frowned upon?

Unlike the fan, you have everything to lose and nothing to gain by engaging in “twitter beefs.”

You can’t be calling guys “B*tch N*gga” like you are Doughboy from Boyz in the Hood.  That is just dumb.  Not Roethlisberger dumb, but stupid nevertheless.

How about spending less time on Twitter and more time catching passes, because your hands have been proven to be as vulgar as your tweets.

The best way to shut up a critic is by going to San Francisco, living up to your potential, and performing; then no one will have anything to say.

To quote Jay-Z for a second time:

“Don’t argue with fools/because from a distance people can’t tell who is who.”

You have to have thicker skin and not be so sensitive.  I understand that Ginn had a tough time in Miami and he is probably right; there are a lot of people with “computer courage,” but there is no need to go off on a N.W.A. rant.  It is just better to take the high road.  Don’t add to the fire, the best way to put it out is your performance on the field.

Settle down.

You went to The Ohio State University, you are better than that (As an Alum I am not pleased).

You can read the unedited Tweet below:



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