The Raiders Are Preparing to Release JaMarcus Russell… His Reaction?

I knew this day was coming but I must admit, I am pretty sad.  Here is what ESPN’s John Clayton had to say about Russell’s future:

Clayton just said on ESPN’s “NFL Live” that the Raiders are preparing the process of cutting quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

Clayton said it is not a matter of if, but when Russell will be cut. He also said the team could release Russell before Oakland’s minicamp, which runs Friday through Sunday, and that there is no trade market for him. The Raiders will save more than $6 million if they cut Russell this year.

I have coined many QB phrases in my lifetime from “God Favre” to “Jake Delhomme and his goat.”

Even now in Oakland, Jason Campbell and his Mustache are working out, but nothing ever gave me more satisfaction than:


A title never fit an athlete as brilliantly as it did JaMarcus and his indifference for being great.

Where will he end up?

Who knows, but I would not be shocked if he takes the $50 million he has robbed from the Raiders and fades to Bolivia with Mike Tyson.

Whereas JaMarcus maybe done with the NFL, the “JaMarcus Shrug” will live on as long as I have a keyboard and a voice in this world.