The Raiders Interested in Tim Tebow..A Mix of Heaven and Hell?


Our good friends at bring up a couple of reports saying the Raiders came away impressed after speaking with Tebow.

My theory is that if Tebow is truly a missionary he should want to go to the Raiders, right?

Who needs help more than a franchise described as “The Black Hole?”

He could walk in there with a white robe, sandals, and some bread and immediately turn sinners to believers.

I know one thing; I would rather have Tim Tebow playing quarterback for the Raiders than JaMarcus Russell.

If Tebow is a savior, Russell is Gollum from Lord of the Rings.  I think I am talking too much like Donovan McNabb’s dad right now.

The Raiders are now my #1 hopeful destination for the Tebow, just for the comedic value.


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