Video: Keri Hilson Butchers National Anthem at Lakers vs. Hawks Game

I saw Keri Hilson up close and personal at the ESPN Next Party during Super Bowl weekend when she was performing.

I was literally five feet away from her and I think I am qualified to say that is a good looking young lady (she winked at me no lie).

So when I came across this video of her butchering the National Anthem during the Lakers vs. Hawks game tonight I had to watch it twice because well I was concentrating on what she had on.

Since I am the boss of this operation (that is an inside joke only maybe 4 people will get) I am going to post the video (watch above) but pretty much for my viewing pleasure (and the fellas) I posting some Keri Hilson pics as well.

Hopefully next time she will remember the words. I have seen a lot of worse and no one will remember it by tomorrow unless some sports site post it or something.


For real though she really did wink at me I wouldn’t make something like that up.

By the way no National Anthem rendition will ever top Carl Lewis.

Jordan trying to hold in his laughter is priceless:

37 thoughts on “Video: Keri Hilson Butchers National Anthem at Lakers vs. Hawks Game

  • How do you forget the lyrics to our national anthem? I mean it was burned into my brain from going to school!

  • At least some1 thinks Keri can sangggg…

    I kno @MissKeriBaby from atl but someone tell her she need bring that voice to Oklahoma and sing the national anthem in loud city.thanks lol

  • This is what happens when these singers try to make the national anthem into some kind of R & B thing, with that warbling ad lib crap. Sing it without adding extra notes or your own soul interpretation. Even if she got the words right, she didn't sing the national anthem. She sang some kind of crap stolen from the national anthem.

  • Pathetic!!

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