Video: The Tiger & Earl Woods Nike Commerical

As you can imagine Nike has locked down the embedding for now.  The commercial itself is a bit creepy considering it has Tiger’s dead father voice in it.

Tiger had to approve it, but you know what it reminds me of?

After Tupac died a lot of old audio came out and it was like he was predicting his death and downfall before it even happened.  They even did a documentary with just Pac’s voice and it was very eerie.

I assume that is what Nike is going for with this spot, as Earl Woods seems to be asking Tiger what has he learned from all of the problems he has had in the last couple of months.

I know the point of a commercial is to promote something and it is painfully obvious Nike wants to help Tiger rebuild his image, but something about this just seems wrong.

It is like they are trying to0 hard.

Just go out and play golf.  What Tiger did was not so deep that it warranted such a “deep” commercial.  I feel it cheapens the commercial.  Sleeping with porn stars shouldn’t be a motivation to use your father dead’s voice to help promote the ‘New Tiger”.

Just doesn’t feel right.

7 thoughts on “Video: The Tiger & Earl Woods Nike Commerical

  • Dude I agree the Kobe commercial where it was black and white and it showed him working out where he talks about the same reasons he's hated are the same reasons he's loved.

    That was good.

    This? Not so much.

  • this was a weird commercial but i think its respectable that tiger is owning up to his missteps instead of ducking and dodging it..but this was a little odd

  • I didn't find the commercial weird at all. I found it more uplifting if anything. I was hearing about how eerie this commercial is, but after I've seen it I don't know what the fuss is about.

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