Amar’e Stoudemire’s Mother Carrie Mae Stoudemire Arrested

Carrie Mae Stoudemire was arrested on Saturday for driving a car without an ignition interlock device – the breathalyzer that keeps your car from starting if you blow a BAC above a predetermined level.  The mother of Phoenix Suns PF/C Amar’e Stoudemire was spotted driving a Lincoln Navigator at 60mph while straddling two lanes.

Details from the Arizona Republic:

Carrie Stoudemire told the officer that she wasn’t aware that she needed to have an ignition interlock device on all of her vehicles and that the Navigator was rented.

The woman’s eyes were “watery and glassy,” the officer wrote. She told the officer she was on her way to an alcohol class.

I’m assuming she meant an AA meeting or something along those lines, but “alcohol class?”  Bartending school?

Carrie refused a field sobriety test, which lead to the officer putting her in cuffs and in the back of the squad car.  Moments later, Amar’e and another man arrived in his Bentley drop — that led to Carrie yelling for her lawyer and “Amar’e!” to the point that officers sent him away because his presence was “causing Carrie to act out.”

Maybe Amar’e won’t be affected by this too badly – after all, this isn’t the first time his mom has had problems.  Really, it’s not the third, 13th, or 22nd time; she’s been jailed dozens of times.  She was bailed out, and maybe she’ll get help, but who really knows?  But if it does wear on him at all, in some sense it could be fated for “Lucky” Lamar Odom; facing a distracted Amar’e Stoudemire may mean another good game is in the cards.

Maybe Lamar finds a gas station with 2-for-1 Peachies.  And Honey Buns.  That’ll probably be just as good in his book.

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  • Chewbacca never could fly straight.

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