This January 2009 Intelgroup still handout image of Abu Talha [Bekay Harrach]is part of a video grab that al-Qaeda released on September 18, 2009 showing a 25’53” video statement from Abu Talha [Bekay Harrach] in German in which he makes an explicit threat against Germany in connection to the upcoming election on September 27, 2009. He said if the German people do not vote for a change in government, there will be a “bad awakening” after the election. He asks his Muslim “brethren” to “stay away from anything not vital for two weeks after the election.” He also asks Muslim youths in Germany to let al-Qaeda act first if the jihad were to begin in Germany. If action is required afterwards, they will be told. He promises that “the city of Kiel will remain safe.” AFP PHOTO / Intelgroup /HO == RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE= (Photo credit should read HO/AFP/Getty Images)

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