Brett Favre Undergoes Ankle Surgery…Comeback Lurking

Vikings’ quarterback Brett Favre underwent arthroscopic surgery on his ankle Friday, which was performed by orthopedic specialist Dr. James Andrews, according to reports.

The surgery took place at the Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, Florida, where many people say Favre as well as his agent, Bus Cook, were spotted early Friday morning.

ESPN Reports:

Dr. Andrews cleaned up scar tissue and other elements of the joint to allow Favre a better range of motion, sources said.

A source close to Favre said the 40-year-old signal caller would likely need four-to-six weeks of rehabilitation before beginning a running program that would put him on schedule to report to training camp “either at the beginning of camp or shortly thereafter.”

Favre has earlier said that if he were to return to the Vikings squad that he would need surgery. Although he was not available for comment, I think this answers the question of whether he will be returning or not… of course he is, Brett ain’t fooling nobody with all this suspense business.