Cage Fighter Jarrod Wyatt Rips Out Friend Taylor Powell Heart…Literally

In “What You Smoking?” news, it has been reported that an amateur MMA fighter committed quite the crime while “elevating his mind.”  Jarrod Wyatt, a 26-year-old MMA fighter, ripped his 21-year-old friend’s still beating heart from his chest (as well as his eye) after drinking a massive amount of mushroom tea…blank stare.

A friend, Justin Davis, had been at the household earlier in the day, and saw Wyatt acting strangely after drinking “some kind of mushroom tea,” according to reports.  Davis left for Crescent City, but returned later to pick up his dog.  Davis arrived to find Wyatt standing in the living room naked and covered with blood, according to his statement.  Wyatt told Davis, according to the statement, that he was going to cut out Powell’s heart.  Davis went to a nearby pay phone to call law enforcement…This must have been quite the night.

Times-Standard has the gruesome details (please push food aside if you are currently eating):

Attorney Mike Riese, Sgt. Elwood Lee said he was dispatched to Requa on March 21 to meet a man who had reported a stabbing nearby. Lee met the man, later identified as Justin Davis, who took them to the Fizer Road house in question. When Lee entered the house, he noticed what he believed to be dried blood on some cabinets in the entryway, and broken glass on the floor. Drywall had been discovered on a wall, Lee said. He heard someone mumbling in the living room, and saw a foot sticking out from a couch.

Lee testified that he saw a man, later identified as Wyatt, standing near a body on a couch, naked and covered from head to toe in what appeared to be dried blood. Wyatt said,

”I killed him,” Lee said.

Lee was able to cuff Wyatt without incident, and then he proceeded to look at the body on the couch. The body had had the majority of its face removed, and an 18-inch incision in its chest cavity. Lee said that he did not attempt first aid because he could see the man was dead.

”At one point,” Lee said, “(Wyatt) asked if we were God, or if we were God coming to save him.”

Lee said that Wyatt said he’d cut out Powell’s tongue, and that he’d removed his heart. He also mentioned that there had been a “big fight” in the kitchen. Wyatt told him that when he’d looked at Powell’s face he’d seen the devil, Lee said.

Detective Ed Fleshman testified that he interviewed Wyatt in a holding cell at the Del Norte County jail at around 6:30 a.m. on March 21. Wyatt was still naked and covered in blood, Fleshman said. Fleshman testified that he read Wyatt his Miranda rights, and that Wyatt understood them. Wyatt then told Fleshman that he, Powell, Davis and Bailey had drank mushroom tea earlier that night. When Davis went to leave Fleshman said, Wyatt tried to stop him because he was concerned that a tidal wave was coming.

Wyatt went on to tell Fleshman, that Powell had held him down, saying he (Wyatt) couldn’t be saved.

Fleshman said Wyatt then began rambling at the jail, apparently mixing up the order of events, and said that he’d cooked Powell’s body parts in the wood stove at the Fizer Road residence. Wyatt told him that he had been tormented by spirits in the house, Fleshman said.

Lee said that in a second interview shortly afterward, Wyatt told him that Powell had told him that the world was coming to an end. During an altercation, Wyatt told him, Powell had him in a chokehold from behind and that Wyatt felt he couldn’t get up. The two had trained in mixed martial arts together, Lee said Wyatt told him.

In continued rambling, Lee said that Wyatt told him that “Satan was in that dude.”

Lee said that Wyatt told him he’d done some bad things, and that he’d cut Powell’s heart out and burned it because he felt that Powell was still alive and he was trying to “stop the devil.”

Lee also said that he did not believe Wyatt was under the influence of a hallucinogen. But Bailey, who Lee said he interviewed after Wyatt, appeared to be under the influence, and had a difficult time putting any order to the events of the night. She also told Lee, according to his testimony, that she thought Wyatt may have been upset with her and was “taking it out” on Powell.

I don’t even know what to say about this situation other than…DAMN… Like, the man ripped his dude’s heart out?  Now, I am no expert on drugs, but I don’t think there is any drug out there that powerful that it would lead anybody to do something like this, unless they were already crazy.  Homie must have already been borderline psychotic WITHOUT the drugs, and the hallucinogenic must have taken it over the top.

I am going to end this article with a “Kids, Please Don’t Do Drugs.”

Here is a video of one of Wyatt’s Fights…smh

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