Cowboys WR Roy Williams: “My Whole Life, I’ve Been a Guy With Great Hands”

I have a theory about Roy Williams.

He’s like a guy who met a girl, and the female – at the beginning – just thought the world of him.  She thought he was upgrading her.  She had these big dreams, and figured that he would take her to the promised land.  They decide to move into this luxurious apartment together they really couldn’t afford, and lock themselves into a long-term lease.

Almost immediately, the young lady figures out she made a huge mistake (her friends tried to tell her), but there’s nothing she can do because they are locked in a lease.

Roy knows that the relationship is basically over, and the young lady has already found a new boo (Miles Austin), and even is seeing a new guy on the side (Dez Bryant).

So he is trying to convince himself that he is still the “man” she fawned over when they first moved in the condo.

He isn’t trying to just convince himself, he’s trying to convince anyone who is willing to listen.  That’s why we have been hearing all these, “I am still the man” quotes from Roy lately.  The latest are these from

There’s a lot of pride stemming from Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams. He knows he didn’t play well last year, yet he still can’t resist saying things like Dez Bryant has to be a “bad man” to take his job or that he still considers himself the No. 1 receiver, despite what Miles Austin did last year or the Cowboys’ excitement in landing Bryant in this year’s first round.

“I’ve been humbled by that for sure,” Williams said this week. “My whole life, I’ve been a guy with great hands. From the Pee Wee days to now. I’ve never been a ‘drop-guy.’ So last year was tough on me.”

It was definitely tougher on Cowboys fans, trust me.

I am sort of rooting for Roy, even though I doubt anything is going to change; the girl is still going to leave in the end.

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