Dante Culpepper Close To Signing With UFL

Daunte Culpepper might not be done with football, and it could mean reuniting with a former coach.  Daunte, pictured above showing JaMarcus how it’s done, is close to signing with the Sacramento Monarchs of the UFL.

USA Today reports that after finding no interest in the NFL for his services, the former Pro Bowler (who represents himself as an agent) turned to the minor-league UFL.  If he in fact signs with Sacramento, it would allow him to once again play under Dennis Green, who coached a younger, better Daunte with the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

Don’t crown his *ss too soon; I’m thinking Denny will see that Daunte was what we thought he was.  Could have been unemployed, but you let ’em off the hook.

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  • … isn't the WNBA team named the Sacramento Monarchs?

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