Dwyane Wade’s Wife Siohvaughn Wade Is Currently Behind Bars

The cops have tracked down Siohvaughn Wade and she is currently behind bars.  Here are the details from USA Today.

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade’s wife is in custody in Chicago and must post a $10,000 bond to get out.

Siohvaughn Wade turned herself in Tuesday morning. That’s a day after a Cook County judge ordered authorities to take her into custody when she failed to appear for a hearing in the couple’s contentious divorce.

Siohvaughn Wade’s attorney Marsha Fisher filed an emergency motion Tuesday to quash the judge’s order.

But Cook County Circuit Judge Marya Nega says she didn’t see any emergency.

Fisher says Wade will post the $10,000 on Tuesday.

Nega had harsh words for Siohvaughn Wade on Monday saying she had repeatedly ignored the judge’s orders in the case.

I can safely say that Mrs. Wade is providing a “how-to” manual on how not to handle a celebrity divorce.

I am glad she is ok and didn’t do any harm to herself, but she is harming her family by her actions and maybe this little stay in the Pen will shake some sense into her before it is too late.

I applaud the judge for taking a hard-line stance, especially because if the shoe was on the other foot people would have thrown D Wade under the jail.

I truly believe Mrs. Wade needs help and maybe the court can appoint someone, because whoever is giving her advice now is failing on a massive scale.

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