Elin Nordegren Divorce Demands For Tiger Woods: 750 Million Dollars


Dr. Evil would be pleased by these demands.

The Huffington Post has details on what Elin wants:

Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times reports. According to the columnist, Woods’ wife is seeking full custody of the couple’s children and “an estimated $750 million package.”

Zwecker writes that Tiger has demanded a strict — and lifelong — confidentiality clause that would bar her from disclosing information about their marriage in interviews or books.

It was previously reported that Woods and Nordegren are working toward a joint-custody arrangement.

Sounds like Elin is going for the LeBron free agent deal.  I know Tiger is rich, but $750 Million is a little steep just for sleeping with a few porn stars.

This is why I thought Tiger should have done the quickie divorce as opposed to trying to make it work.  See if you can make it work if it was just one affair, but when you have putted on every female green in the country it is hard for the wife to just let that go.  Honestly, Tiger knows he doesn’t want to be married, he wants to be free to sleep with as many cocktail waitresses as his heart desires.

It is going to cost him, though, but it shouldn’t cost him 750 Million dollars — that is 3/4 of his net worth.  Unless he was cheating with Michelle Obama there is no reason Elin should get that type of money.

Similar to the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao negotiations, they need to find a middle ground.  Elin is just asking for that much because she is hurt and embarrassed, but she needs to be reasonable.  Tiger needs to understand that he needs to make her go away as soon as possible, so he should come out of pocket with something that will make her happy, and more importantly, makes sure she never ends up on Oprah.

The lesson to be learned here is if you are worth a billion dollars and you plan to broho make sure your prenup is so Iron Clad that Iron Man would be impressed.


  1. Eh I'm not surprised and please she knew he was cheating don't be fooled by the clueless act. I really find it hard to pity her in all this. Yeah she was cheated on but with over a 100 women nobody is that dumb. Unless they were in a coma or something.

    To me she's no different than the other women who wanted to cash in just someone Tiger was dumb enough to marry.

    The rich shouldn't bother getting married when it goes south you lose most of your fortune.

    • agreed. She does not deserve even half that much money. For what? Being embarrassed? psht! She'll be set for life regardless with alimony and child support. She's just being greedy and classless now. Have some dignity, Elin, and please get the entire fuck out of here with those demands.

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